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Problems Africans faced after independence


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The Economy troblues
In Africa, the government is based on one prdouct economies. The problems with one product economies is that, the economies is based on that one product and if that product fails then the economy fails as well.

African economy

Africa is a continent with a lot of natural resource that would benefit the entire world. African leaders from everywhere were encouraging industrialization. Do to this they had to export many items to various countries. There were problems they encountered while they were striving to promote industrialization. These problems were that they did not have an enough talented workers and a lack of good transportation system. To surpass these complications they turned to foreign governments for money, and were rejected.

            The lack of adequate resources, mismanagement and over population made most African nations to become dependent on foreign aid to feed their nations.

            Some nations, like Nigeria who have oil and other minerals managed to survive and lead their population for a better opportunities; such as good infrastructures, more agricultural production, better education, and good industrialization. Shortly food crops began to suffer greatly for a lot of people were out of jobs. So people began to move to cities in search of jobs. This happened because the economy was not stable and most African nations sought foreign aid. The continuation of the African nations seeking aid grew and their debt grew as well. This effect made no money left for necessary things the people needed.

Graph of Africa's economic report for the year2004

Here I might describe the photo above.