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Problems Africans faced after independence

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Algeria's Flag

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Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria were trying to achieve their independence from France by all means necessary. Tunisia and Morocco succeeded while Algeria remained under the colony of France.

            The Algerians who were humiliated by their colonial power France but, was inspired by the independence of their neighbor countries, Morocco and Tunisia.  Algerians reorganized themselves to intensify the gorilla fight until they become successful in achieving their goal. Their independence was not won easily with the death of over 1 million deaths over the course of eight years.

            Independence comes with a lot of responsibilities that is choosing the right people to lead the nation to a better future. Having followed this principle, in Algeria, their first attempt to have a fair and free election was doomed by unexpected riot and unrest among the different factions who disagreed with the outcome of the election.  As a result of this dispute a prolonged civil war took place until 1992.

            In 1992, a fair and free election took place in Algeria and the Islamic party won the majority seats. Soon after the election coup-d`etat took place and their parliament was dissolved. A military regime stayed in power until 1999.

            Now after the Islamic party was not going to give up without a fight. So they rioted and the government banned the Islamic society. This is only going too led to fighting between the two groups. The fighting continued and the death toll rose. By 1999, 70,000 people had been killed due to the fighting. Later on in 1999, Abdelaziz Bouteflica, the recently chosen president came into office with a goal and did his best to achieve his goal. His goal was to bring peace between the two sides and new ways of voting. 

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